About Us

Zirachi is a upcoming fashion brand based in London that incorporates London fashion trends and styles using quality African Dutch wax 100% cotton fabric. It’s a fusion of African print and western contemporary styles.

It was born out of a strong interest and passion of seeing how versatile the fabric can be and the ability to easily experiment creating varying styles using bold and colourful African print. Our garments are designed with the everyday women in mind, which are versatile, bold, unique and can fit into everyday fashion. Our clothes are handmade and easy to wear from casual outfits to special occasion wear. Our outfits can be easily worn with clothes that customers already have in their wardrobes.

As a sustainable business we will provide you with just the exact amount you are looking for and not more. We are offering pre-orders as our most beloved items will sell out quickly and we want to help you buy what you love in the fastest and easiest way possible. Pre-ordering means that we can choose the items you love, in your size, desired style and hold less inventory. We believe this is an important part of being a sustainable fashion business.